Monday, September 12, 2011

Here I Go AGAIN!!!

I was on vacation last week.  The first couple of days I had no real Internet blogging was not an option.  I went into vacation planning on being really good.  Well that didn't happen at all.  Like NOT at all.  I don't know if I mentioned it before but my old scale was not reading properly so Dustin was nice enough to pick me up a new one in Concord for me one day.  He got one that only reads weight, which is fine, but it doesn't remember from day to day....which I didn't think was going to be a big deal, but apparently I can't remember SHIT!!!

So I have to go back through my posts and see where I stand, but I am pretty sure I am up like 3.5lbs.  Which doesn't really surprise me at all, but I am disappointed in myself.

So I got back on the band wagon today.  Breakfast a Yoplait Light (FF) Strawberry yogurt.  It was actually super yummy, but took me forever to eat because I dove right into work when I got there and I had a lot of emails and shit to go through and get organized...

By lunch I was starving so around 12:15 I made my cafe steamer.  Today it was the portabella mushroom marsala....delish.  1:30 I was still hungry so I had a 100 cal snack pack of cookies.  2:30 still hungry so I had a small granny smith apple and a 100 cal snack pack of cocoa roasted almonds....again 3:30 still hungry so I had a 100 cal fruit crisp bar.

Curves kicked my ass tonight....that's what I get for taking a week off.  But I am glad that I can feel it because I can totally feel the weight that I put back on and I feel disgusting.......

When I got home Dustin and Emma were playing in the front yard, so I hung out with them for a couple of minutes and then we went in.  Dustin was nice enough to start dinner, while I gave Miss Em a bath.  He defrosted some fresh steaks and when Em was done with her tubby, I cut up some bell peppers, mushrooms and onions which I sauteed.  Dustin grilled the steak and we through everything on top of a salad....dinner was yummy!  I know I am going to be hungry in a little bit and I haven't figured out what I am going to do for a snack yet.

On another note, I saw this  Brita Water Bottle in Walmart and saw a commercial for it and I am wondering if anyone has one or if they have heard anything about it.  The water at my office sucks, I think having something that would make the water taste less like shit, might actually help me to drink more......rather than having to buy bottled all the time.

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