Wednesday, October 10, 2012


It's a short one tonight.  I am super foul today....not quite sure what my issue is.  I think I am just done.  I have been searching for a new job on an off for months.  I can't seem to find anything worth sending my resume in for or the ones that I think I would love I dont have enough education for.  I am not opposed to going back to school, but as of right now I dont have the money or the time.  And on top of that even if I do go back, the jobs that I think I would love I dont think would pay enough.  So I am just UGH....

I would honestly love to have my own store.  Country Crafts and Consignments....I have thought about it so  much I already have a name.  I love the idea of refinishing furniture.  Making the old new, repurposing items.  The couple pieces that I have done came out really well.

So long story short if you hear of any fabulous job openings keep me in mind and if you have anything you want refinished again keep me in mind.

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