Tuesday, October 2, 2012

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It has recently come to my attention that there are more people reading this blog than I thought.  I link my posts through Facebook, but I do encourage you to "follow" me through the blog itself.  I like the idea of people following me, but KNOWING that you are, I think will help to keep me more on track.  Because, FUCK if I fail then I have way more people to be accountable to.  And I don't like to fail.  So again, I encourage you to "follow" me through my blog.  There is a join this site button under my profile.  Click it I DARE YOU!!!

Anyways,  the end of last week was crazy freakin' busy.  Thursday night we went to the circus with my mom and Dustin's mom and Emma.  Emma loved it.  She was so entranced by everything that was happening.  By the end of the night she was dancing and clapping in our laps.  She also now thinks that every circus animal says ROAR, not just the tigers.  Its cute to see her stick her hand up like paw and roar, but we are working on the right animal sounds for the right animal.

Friday night was a lot of running around on my part to get ready for her second birthday party the next day. ::sniff, sniff::  We got her a beta fish that we named Bob for her bedroom.  She LOVES him.  Every morning she wakes up and says Bob....meaning time to feed him breakfast. 

Saturday was great, tons of family and friends came over to help us celebrate her birthday.  She got lots of great gifts.  I was happy that some were able to stay later and BBQ with us.  It is always great to catch up.  I feel like we don't see each other enough.

Sunday I was seriously hungover.  One of my old besties decided to stay and we finished a huge bottle of wine, not to mention the glasses that we had from the first bottle that others helped us polish off.  Anyways, I didn't want to move on Sunday but the house needed to be picked up.  It wasn't in bad shape, thank god.....ended up taking a nap when Emma went down and then we headed to the fair for a bit.

So what this amounts to is Thursday through Sunday, I did not make good food choices.  I did make a point to not overeat, but I did splurge and have some not so good things.  But I got right back on track Monday morning.  Last night we had baked chicken that was stuffed with spinach, tomatoes and mozzarella along with some left over pasta salad from the bday party and some steamed broccoli.  The chicken was delicious and is going to be a good go to meal for us.  Tonight we had left over vegan chili and a baked potato both with 75% fat free cheddar cheese.  Which was also very good.

That's all I have to report for now....I am still down overall and that is great news in my world.  Now just to keep up the work.

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