Thursday, January 5, 2012

Full, Full, Full......

I got up an half an hour earlier than normal today, so I was able to make breakfast at home.  I had egg beaters with a piece of bacon in a multi grain 100 calorie was rather bland.  I washed it down with half a glass of left over smoothie from the two previous days.  I was still feeling kind of hungry but decided to hold off until getting to work to if I still was at which point I would have a snack.

I wasn't still hungry by the time I got to work, I was actually really full.....and full pretty much throughout the day.  I had grapes around 11:30 and another All Natural Cafe Steamer which was Portabella Mozzarella Pasta.  It was super yummy.

Around 2 I had 15 kashi crackers with another laughing cow cheese and a granny smith apple.  I did have another snack around 3:30, which was mixed nuts (not a healthy kind) and a clementine.

Dustin cooked dinner tonight (FABULOUS - I wasn't rushing all around when I got home) he cooked the fish I purchased which was Potato Crusted Chipolte Cod.  It was so yummy, he also made butter garlic noodles.  And I paired it with a salad.

I just want to add in here, for people who read this, but don't really, really know me or us.  (not that it matters just to save me from future explanation).  All the meat we eat excluding chicken and fish is fresh.  Meaning it came off of Dustin's grandparents farm or another friend's local farm.

And in is 8pm, I am exhausted and going to bed early.

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