Wednesday, January 4, 2012


So I am going to try to this again and see how it goes.  The holidays have come and gone and the weight has just to work on it going.  I am not making it my New Year's Resolution to lose weight.  Because I feel like everyone does that and I don't want to set myself up for failure.  My NYR is to get up at a more appropriate time on a daily basis (meaning not having to run around like a crazy woman in the morning) and with that hopefully eventually being able to add working out in the morning to that.

I restarted this journey yesterday....unfortunately I have put back on all the weight that I had previously lost.  I new it was happening and I still couldn't stop myself from eating.  Which really disgusts me.  But I am already down two pounds or I was this morning I should say.

My last grocery shopping trip, last Sunday, was actually really good.  Everything that I bought was healthy and so far has been yummy.

This morning was the real first day  (again) in the change of my diet.  Breakfast was coffee we fat free FV creamer and 3 splenda, along with a fruit smoothie made with fat free vanilla yogurt, water and frozen strawberries, mangos and peaches.

1st snack was kashi fire roasted veggie crackers with a light mozzarella sun dried tomato basil laughing cow cheese and a medium size granny smith apple.  The crackers and cheese were AWESOME!!!!!

Lunch I had an all natural cafe steamer, Asian pot stickers and a banana and water.

2nd snack was two chocolate chunk back to nature's cookies and they didn't taste like cardboard which surprised me and a clementine.

Dinner was also delicious!!!!

Grilled steak with garlic pepper seasoning.  Portabella mushroom with 75% fat free cheddar also grilled, and cheesey garlic noodles.  All measured out to the appropriate serving sizes.

Everything was super yummy today and I am now hungry and I have to go find a snack to tide me over.....maybe grapes......idk

'til tomorrow


  1. Hey Sarah,

    I'm totally posting a comment because 1.):
    I new it was <<< Really bad English? knew!
    2.) !
    Anyway, on a more serious note. In October I weighed myself and found I weighed 225! Incredibly overweight for me. Anyway, as a personal thing, because I found that weight to be overmuch for me, I decided to change it. Now, as a single person I have waaay to much freedom to choose nothing for a meal, I used ensure for breakgfast (like a slimfast :-( ) plus a normal? {500 cal lunch} and another 500 cal or so dinner. which came out to about 1200c for a day. Plus, I won an Xbox w/ Kinect which I purchased UFC trainer for. The workout sucks! Lots of abs which is murder for starting out but it works out in the end, I went from Eww to "If I flex I can see the six pack"

    So this doesn't sound like a rant:
    1.) I used the Wii every day (to weigh myself) w/ the Kinect (to give me a workout routine) and lost 25lbs between Oct 5 and Jan 1.
    2.) Diet is determination(will power) over instinct/conditioning.

    Work at it and eat less (count calories for a week and cut 25% of average or more as healty) and you will lose weight and if the change isn't overly extreme it can be maintained to a point where it is normal.

  2. Wow Sarah! I am so impressed with this work you are doing! I especially like the beautifully candid way you write. What an inspiration you are! Whatever I can do to help, please let me know. BTW - I absolutely love the picture of you!