Monday, August 1, 2011

Back on the Band Wagon

My plan was to start walking when I get home from work and today was going to be day one.....well that didn't happen.  It was 83 flippin degrees when I got home and I wasn't feeling it, so instead it was my normal routine.  Come home do the dishes and feed the kid.  When that was all done, Dustin was finally home so I pulled the new convertible car seat out of the back of the Durango and lugged it inside to read directions and figure out how to put this massive bitch in the car and if I was actually going to like it or if I was making another trek back to TRU tomorrow on lunch to return it.

I ended up with the Graco Smart Seat, yes it is absolutely massive but after looking at this one compared to all the others, they all kinda of seemed like shit comparatively.  Like I said it is super massive and heavy as hell, but it has steel reinforcements....aka my baby's got a roll cage, lmao!  And honestly installing it rear facing all we had to do was sit the front seat up straighter.  We didn't have to move the seat any closer to the dash....does that make sense?  So far so good, I put her in the seat before we installed it in the car and she didn't seem to mind it.  I tried to put her in after the seat was installed and she started to pitch a fit and I didn't want to work her up prior to bed time so I didn't push it with her.  Hopefully it wont be a major issue in the morning. (note to self - get out of the house a couple minutes earlier just in case).

So back to the food....started off good with an ice coffee from DD, med FV with skim and splenda and planned on eating the fruit salad that I had packed but when I got to work and actually looked at it I realized the strawberries and raspberries were way to mushy for me to stomach.  So I ate an Archer Farms Simply bar, didn't taste like cardboard so that's a plus.  Lunch was going to be a steamer meal that I thought I had left in the fridge at work from last week.....but I had already eaten it, so I ordered a chicken caesar salad instead.  Should have gone with a garden and light dressing, but hey I could've been eating a greasy sub and spicy fries.  Thinking about dinner as I am typing this and thinking that I may have left over ham and potatoes with mixed veggies, but I don't know, a frozen pizza would be way less effort and way worse for me.  I guess leftovers it is.  YAY for will power.

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