Saturday, August 13, 2011

Today didn't start off to hot which I half expected after the dinner I had last night.  I am still super pissed about it.  But I did it to myself.  I am up 1.5 today and clearly not happy about it.

I had an appointment today with Katy at Hannaford, for a store tour.  She also gave me so great snack ideas and told me she didn't think I was eating enough.....excuse me, come again, yeah not eating enough.  Well OK then.  We will try it your way and see how it goes.

I was pretty much on the run all day.  The morning started off with a Simply blueberry granola bar and a DD french vanilla ice coffee with skim and splenda.  Got home around 11ish after running multiple errands and immediately started cleaning the living room carpet.  I had a snack around noon, which was a 100 calorie cheezit snack pack and rest of a coke zero that I had started earlier in the day.

I didn't get to lunch until about 2, which was a salad with Caesar dressing.  Around 4ish I had a 100 calorie fruit crisp snack.  Dinner was grilled chicken with herb and garlic seasoning, broccoli, rice and around 7:30 I had an apple with peanut butter.

So about the only thing I got right today as far as the eating goes is dinner and snacks.  Tomorrow is a new day and I have to go grocery shopping so it is the perfect way to start off the new week.

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