Sunday, August 14, 2011

Today was a good day.  After being straight out yesterday, today was a little better.  Got to sleep in a little thanks to Miss Em doing the same.  When I finally got motivated, we went and returned the carpet cleaner.  Visited some of Dustin's customers who wanted to meet Emma, then back to Concord for grocery shopping.

I think I did really well at the grocery store.  I bought a lot of the stuff that Katy and I talked about yesterday.  But I think I am going to have to stop shopping at Wal-Mart.  They didn't have a lot of the stuff she recommended.  Either way I think I made out pretty well for the time being.  After I got everything put away, I threw out all the stuff in the house that was unhealthy.  Which surprisingly was only 1/2 a bag of chips that I think were left over from the last BBQ we had, some fat free sherbert that was way too old to be in the freezer any more and a couple of ice cream toppings.

So getting on with the day I am down .6 pounds from yesterday, which is a relief after being up so much yesterday.  This morning I had a V8 Fruit Fusion and a strawberry yo-crunch yogurt.  Lunch was a little late because we got tied up earlier in the day.  So lunch was a whole wheat Arnold's sandwich round with red pepper hummus and 3 slices of chicken along with 10 whole grain wheat thins and some more hummus.

I was still kind of hungry because I had prolonged lunch for so long, but I held off to see if the food would "kick" in and hunger pains would stop.  They did a little, but not enough so after cutting up all of Em's food for the week I had Cheddar Cheese stick (90 calories) and a 100 calories snack pack of cheezits.

Dinner is going to be a steak salad and I am going to try some of the new yogurt ranch dressing that Katy recommended.  I will probably end up having a snack after dinner as well, although I dont know what yet.

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