Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dinner - as expected

This is a double post, kinda for those of you that didn't read it under the FB post last night.  Dinner went well, we did order pizza.  The outlaws got what they wanted and Dustin and I stuck to a healthy pizza.  Onion, pepper, broccoli, spinach, eggplant and mushroom.  I did good and only had two pieces and was totally full although it was so yummy that I totally wanted to annihilate another piece.

Was nervous about getting on the scale because of how full I was last night.  And as I was stepping on it was doing a little chant of please go down, please go down, please go down.  It worked.  I was down .4 this morning.

I have been debating about writing about this, but I am putting everything else out there, so this is nothing different.  I have been so irregular after making this change in how and what I am eating.  It seems on the days that I am not able to go I am only down .4 or .6 etc....but the days I am going I am down much more than that.  So I started taking a probiotic last night.  I hope that it works.  I was recommended to get the Align brand, went to the store yesterday at lunch to get some it was like $35 for 30 pills. FUCK THAT.  I got the store brand for $15, checked the ingredients and all the main ingredients are exactly the same. 

I'll check in later with my normal daily post.

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