Monday, August 8, 2011

Ok, so I dont suck as bad as I thought I did!

I reluctantly stepped on the scale this morning after a weekend of not being as diligent as I am during the week.  Well low and behold I was down 1.4 lbs.  I was so surprised that I actually got off the scale and got back on again just to make sure.  It stayed the same - waaaahooo!  I was super excited, but irritated with myself at the same time knowing that if I had been diligent it could've been a bigger number.  But I cant complain really, I thought for sure the scale was going to up, up, up past where I started!

Breakfast was 3/4 of a banana, Emma had the other 1/4.  Which by the way she love taking bites of things, not like cut up pieces but actual bites like off of the banana or watermelon.  I have to get a picture of her doing it and post it.  Its so flippin' cute.  And a V8 Fruit Fusion with my crazy pills, I also had a Yo-Crunch Blueberry yogurt when I got to work along with my raspberry ice tea.  Which kept me pretty full until about 11:15 or so and I fought the hunger pains until 12.  Then I had my Portabella Marsala Pasta Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer.  I am telling you, I freaking love these things.  They are tasty and keep me satisfied until afternoon snack which was a 100 cal snack pack of chocolate chip cookies.

I should also mention that this entire time I have been trying to be better about my water intake.  So I have been diligently trying to drink more throughout the day!

Dishes are done the kid is fed and steaks are on the grill.  I'm sitting in the AC finishing my post for the night and drinking a glass of Moscato.......mmmmmmmmmm.  Dinner is steak seasoned with Chicago Steak seasoning and salad.  I will probably just end up making mine a steak salad and enjoy another glass of Moscato.

Good day today!!!

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