Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Go Me.....its my birthday, oh yeah its my birthday

Ok its not really my birthday.  But I started the day off good again today.  Down another .6 for a total of 1lb in two days.  Baby steps, but I am doing it and trying to stay really positive and stoked about it.  Its the only way that I am going to make it through the journey.

I have scheduled a store tour with Katy at her Hannaford store.  I am excited for it and hopefully she can give me some great tips and show me how to substitute appropriately so I can still bake goodies and not feel super bad about eating them.

I need to get more sleep, I went to bed way too late on Sunday and Monday night and now I am totally playing catch up.  It totally sucks.

This morning started the same as yesterday.....rasberry ice tea, but an orange (only about 1/4) this morning vs. a green apple.  The one thing I hate about fingers turn white after eating them, like from the juices, you know what I am talking about right?  Oh also, I pulled a fingernail away from my finger, not bad, but bad enough that when the juices get it there it stings like a son of a bitch. OUCH!

Simply Granola bar for a snack and Healthy Choice Chicken Medley something or other steamer meal and water for lunch.  Had to grocery shopping after work bc apparently we have nooooooo food.  So there was no work out again tonight.  Came home fed the kid and started making her food, bc she was out too, what a good mother I am.  Through a pizza in the oven for dinner, garlic, chicken, basil, onion = super yummy.  And it is 330 calories for a third of the we will say 500 cals for 1/2.  Have to finish eating dinner, so I can go back to cutting up food for the little!

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