Monday, August 8, 2011

The Weekend I didnt post

Friday night was an awesome time with great friends.  We made healthy pizzas and had angel food cake with blueberry topping.  It was all super yummy.  Everything was pretty healthy except for the damn mushrooms that Justin decided to make with cream cheese and bacon filling.  They were scrumptious and I consumed too many.  I also had like 8 beers.  Needless to say I was not looking forward to weighing myself the next morning. 

Dustin let me sleep in on Saturday, so the day got started late and I didn't weigh myself.  I didn't eat great.  I think I had a Coke Zero and a couple of cookies for breakfast.  Go ME!!!!  Cleaned around the house a little bit and then chilled with the kid.  Finally decided to weigh myself late morning.  It was not my true weight, seeing is how it was not prior to putting any food in my body and I was still weighing myself with all my clothes on.  Well it was reading that I was up 1.0 to 1.5, I honestly don't remember.  So I was obviously disappointed in myself.  Had lunch later that day with was a chicken sandwich and another Coke Zero. 

Ended up going into Concord to do some errands.....went to TRU to return a car seat.  PS I hate them.  Went to Sams Club to buy another car seat, which is also getting returned and picked up some other items.  I got a bunch of DVD's for Miss Em.  A couple Disney movies and two 30 min DVD's that are supposed to help teach them the alphabet and numbers.  I also got so Yoplait yogurt crunch.  Maybe with the added texture I wont gag it down as bad?????  I also got some V8 Fruit Fusion 100 calorie cans.  I am sure there is lots to be said about that, but we wont go there.  I like them and that is it.  Thank you.  I also got some more 100 calorie snack packs.  And before you health food junkies start rolling your eyes at me AGAIN.  Let me just say this.  I realize that there is absolutely NO nutritional value is these little baggies, but it is snack that is going to help me keep from cheating on a larger scale, so I will continue to eat them.  (PS I do love you, my little health food junkie friends) 

Dinner was Pork Ribs that were fucking delicious.  I probably ate like 1/2 rack and a super large salad with fresh veggies from Jan's garden.

I did not weigh myself on Sunday, but I did do a little bit better.  I had a yogurt crunch for breakfast and a V8 fruit fusion.  It was a pretty lazy day and I hung out pretty much in the living room with Miss Em all day.  Lunch I had left over chicken Alfredo from the other night.  God it was good.  Ended up going to see one of my besties to pick up some toys for Miss Em that I was getting from her.  Went home and had a Kellogg's (I think) fruit crisp, also 100 calories.  They are sweet and filling and just enough to take the edge off.  Dinner was the pork roast that I had put in the crock pot earlier that morning, salad and baked potato.  Over all it was a pretty OK day.

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  1. I may be repeating myself (Friday is all a bit vague) but if it's between eating the 100 calorie pack or half a carton of ice cream, rock on with your 100 calorie pack!