Thursday, August 11, 2011

Nothing catchy to say!!!!!

I really hate feeling like I have to come up with catchy blog names everyday.  It really sucks.  I think I am going to be a loser and just start dating them.

I am so bored at work, we are so work was done by 11 and the phone has been quiet.  So I have been trying to twiddle my thumbs productively.  I skimmed three of my parents magazines.  Googled some stuff...and that is it.  Now it is 2:55 I have two hours left and I am writing the blog that will take maybe 10 mins if I am quick about it not even that much time.  I am thankful I am still employed.  When we are busy I cant even think about checking my email, because there is just no time in the day.  I actually really don't like it when it is like this, it is very boring and unproductive.

Anyways, this morning I had a fruit fusion with my pills and a blueberry yogurt and raspberry ice tea when I got to work.  Around 11:00 I had a Kellog's fruit crisp, which I think are really good.  But I have an abnormal liking of artificial fruit flavors.

Lunch was a lemon chicken cafe steamer.  Yum, Yum and I just had a 100 calorie chocolate chip snack pack.  I think I am going to have left over pizza for dinner.  I didnt take anything out and I am feeling kind of lazy.....that happens to me when there isn't a ton to do at work, it seems to follow me home.

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