Thursday, August 4, 2011

Oh Yeah

Super surprised when I stepped on the scale this morning.  Down 1.0lbs, for a total of 2.  I was unsure of what that pizza was going to do to me last night.  So it is good to know that I can enjoy something super yummy in moderation.

Morning always starts off as normal.  Crazy pills and supplements.  Raspberry ice tea and 3/4 of banana.  What was left over from Emma's breakfast which was strawberries and bananas.  Can I just say she is such a good eater and I am so happy that she loves fruits and vegetables.

I also bought some 100 calorie snack packs and some blueberry granola bars last night while I was grocery shopping.  So I had a simply blueberry w/almonds and flax granola bar around 10 for a snack.
Lunch was a Healthy Choice Cafe Steamer, sesame glazed chicken with the water chestnuts picked out. Around 2:15 I had a chocolate chip cookie 100 cal snack pack.

Came home fed the kid, dishes are done.  Angel food cake is in the oven for my girls night tomorrow.  Yay for an impromptu bff night.  Chicken is de-thawing as we speak.  Going to have chicken three cheese Alfredo tonight with bell peppers (red, yellow and green).  Hopefully I can control myself.  I looooove pasta.  But I love seeing the scale go down every morning more.