Thursday, August 25, 2011

Its been a couple of days.....I haven't fallen of the band wagon, but the last couple of days have been rough.  The days have gone well, but the nights/dinners have been difficult.  I need to go grocery shopping and get myself re-established.

On the plus side I joined Curves tonight, but I was not able to work out.  Tonight was one of the Zumba nights and by the time I was finished with the paperwork and measurements and everything else...there was only about 10 minutes left of Zumba, which I was not going to pay extra for.  So I asked if they get the room back together in time for me to be able to get a work out in before closing.  To which they responded they need about 45 minutes to walk me through everything the first time.  Which I don't really need, but its what she said, so I have to stick with it.

So my first work out will be tomorrow night....I will be running late for girls night.  We are having dinner at Applebee's, but I already have my dinner picked out after looking at the nutritional information on the website.  I am going to go with one of the 550 calorie meals.  Either the steak with asiago or the chicken with stuffed portabellas.  Both sound super yummy.

I don't really know what my weight is at the scale has been broken.  It is still reading weight it is just way inaccurate.  I would get on one morning and be down like 5 pounds, so I would weigh myself again and it would be different and different and different.  I bought a new scale today, so I am hoping that it hasn't been way off for some time.

Emma is sick, for the first time.  She has a cold and is absolutely miserable.  I feel so bad for her, she is so stuffy and the baby saline is not working well.

I am getting back on the blogging band wagon.  Promise!!! For those of you that care, lol.


  1. yay!! Im so excited for you that you joined Curves! I ABSOLUTLY LOVE IT!! I cannot wait to read your posts about how you like it.